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SWODA Platform provides a data management and analytics system for construction companies.

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Inventory and Repair Management System for Construction Companies

Accelerate your business. SWODA is all-in-one platform from inventory management to repair progress management and data analysis.

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Customize for Your Company

You can customize system settings to the rules of your company. Large number of staff can use without problem.

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Platform Makes Construction Business Efficient with Data.

SWODA Platform provides the specialized interface for construction industry. Inventory management, repair management and more new services with data analytics.

Inventory Management

You can manage your all machineries and trucks on SWODA Platform. Item sorting, filter, reporting functions are included. You can also choose table column to fit your management style.

Repair Management

If you are worried about delay of repair and maintenance, this service will give you a management system for repair and maintenance, specialized to construction companies.

Data Reporting Dashboard

SWODA Platform has data analysis system. We will provide great reporting and analysis result by using your data and more. Dashboard will be update based on your feedback.

Always the Newest System

SWODA Platform is an online service. Regularly, we updating the inventory and repair management system and new functions based on your feedbacks.

Security is Japanese Quality

This service is provided by Japanese IT company ”SWODA Inc.”. Your data will be protected by Japanese high level security. We use Google Cloud Platform to maintain a security, like big Japanese companies.

Service is Free

SWODA Platform provides the inventory and repair management system. And data analytics service for free. You can start data-driven management for free.

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SWODA Platform beta will be planned to launch at March, 2020. After that, service will be updated based on your hope. All functions are free.

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